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Supplemental Material for Dent et al., 2018

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posted on 2018-03-21, 18:07 authored by Claire L. Dent, Trevor Humby, Katie Lewis, Andrew Ward, Reiner Fischer-Colbrie, Lawrence S. Wilkinson, Jon F. Wilkins, Anthony R. Isles
File S1: Results for additional control measures in the Delay discounting (Figure 1 and Table 1) and SSRT task (Figure 2); further Methodological detail relating to SSRT measure

Appendix S1: Excel spreadsheet with delay discounting data for individual animals

Appendix S2: Excel spreadsheet with SSRT task data for individual animals


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Impulsive Choice Behaviour in Mice Lacking Paternal Expression of Grb10 Provides Evidence for Intra-genomic Conflict in Adult Brain Function

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