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Supplemental Material for Demirci et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-12-01, 15:31 authored by Sevgin Demirci, Roven Rommel Fuentes, Willem van Dooijeweert, Saulo Aflitos, Elio Schijlen, Thamara Hesselink, Dick de Ridder, Aalt D.J. van Dijk, Sander Peters
Figure S1 contains allele frequency counts for duplications, inversions and deletions. Figure S2 contains clustering of the duplications and melon accessions based on presence/absence of duplications. Figures S3-S5 contain maximum likelihood trees based on duplications, inversions and deletions, respectively. Figure S6 contains a maximum likelihood tree with bootstrap values based on combined SV events. Table S1 contains the details of accessions used in this study including country of origin, accession number, common name and groups and subspecies they belong to. Table S2 contains the presence/absence variation (PAV) of 104 genes in linkage group V in 100 melon accessions. Table S3 contains the overrepresented GO terms in genes overlapping with SV.


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Chasing breeding footprints through structural variations in Cucumis melo and wild relatives

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