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Supplemental Material for Confalonieri et al., 2019

posted on 2019-08-26, 18:22 authored by Stefano Confalonieri, Ivan Nicola Colaluca, Andrea Basile, Salvatore Pece, Pier Paolo Di Fiore
Figure S1 contains the analysis of the PTB domain containing proteins found in the 31 organisms analyzed.
Figure S2 contains the alignment of NUMB and NUMBL proteins found.
Figure S3 contains the alignment of vertebrate NUMB and NUMBL proteins and their gene structure analysis.
Figure S4 contains the alignment of the NumbF domain of the NUMB and NUMBL proteins.
Figure S5 contains the analysis of the two NUMB proteins found in Oikopleura dioica.
Figure S6 contains the analysis of the NUMB and NUMBL proteins found in Petromyzon marinus (Sea Lamprey) and in Lethenteron camtschaticum (Arctic Lamprey)
File S1 contains the legend of all Supplemental Figures, two supplemental Tables, and the legend of the supplemental tables. Table S1 contains the list of the organisms analyzed in this study, Table S2 contains the list of all human PTB containing proteins, with accession numbers and gene name descriptions.
Table S3 is an multiple sheet excel file and contains the detailed output of the HMMER protein database searches, together with accession numbers, protein domain composition and closest homologs identified by reverse BLAST search for each identified protein.


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Exon 3 of the NUMB Gene Emerged in the Chordate Lineage Coopting the NUMB Protein to the Regulation of MDM2

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