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Supplemental Material for Compton et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-09-16, 13:45 authored by Austin Compton, Jiangtao Liang, Chujia Chen, Varvara Lukyanchikova, Yumin Qi, Mark Potters, Robert Settlage, Dustin Miller, Stephane Deschamps, Chunhong Mao, Victor Llaca, Igor V. Sharakhov, Zhijian Tu
The supplemental data files include a Repeat Library created for the AalbS3 genome using RepeatModeler and 84 ONT reads longer than 40kb that contained telomeric repeats, 1 read is a possible chimeric sequence.


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The Beginning of the End: A Chromosomal Assembly of the New World Malaria Mosquito Ends with a Novel Telomere

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