Supplemental Material for Cokus et al., 2019

File S1 contains supplemental methods. File S2 contains comprehensive heatmaps of Gene Ontology enrichments (retaining all rows and columns containing any p-value ≤ 0.0001), extending Figure 4. File S3 contains a comparison of keratin genes and chromosomal locations between our findings and (Krushna Padhi et al. 2006). File S4 contains InterPro domain hit summaries used in the compilation of zebrafish type I and II keratins. File S5 contains comprehensive heatmaps of expressed genes (those with normalized transformed [log2-scale] counts ≥ 2.5 [i.e., ≥ ~5.7 in linear scale] in at least one condition) that encode cell surface receptors, transcription factors, and actin-binding proteins, extending Figure 5B–D. Figure S1 contains a phylogenetic tree of keratin and intermediate filament genes in zebrafish. Figure S2 contains gene expression plots (in similar style as Figure 2A) for all type I and II keratin zebrafish genes.