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Supplemental Material for Cheng et al., 2020

posted on 2020-07-20, 14:37 authored by Bolun Cheng, Yujie Ning, Chujun Liang, Ping Li, Li Liu, Shiqiang Cheng, Mei Ma, Lu Zhang, Xin Qi, Yan Wen, Feng Zhang

File 1. The GWAS summary statistics of SIS

Figure S1. Quantile-quantile (QQ) plots of observed against expected P values for shoulder impingement syndrome

The QQ plot is a graphical representation of the deviation of the observed P values from the null hypothesis: the observed P values for each SNP are sorted from largest to smallest and plotted against expected values from a theoretical χ2-distribution.

Table S1. Summary of genome-wide significant loci associated with shoulder impingement syndrome

Table S2. Summary of significant pathway (P < 0.05) associated with TWAS of shoulder impingement syndrome


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Genome-Wide Association Analysis Identified ANXA1 Associated with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome in UK Biobank Samples

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