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Supplemental Material for Chan, Prasad, and Matsudaira, 2020

posted on 2020-04-16, 14:33 authored by Shu Ning Chan, Rupali Prasad, Paul Matsudaira
Chan et al. - Revised Supplementary Material (G3-2019-400816-T) contains the supplementary tables and figures for the revised manuscript "Genetic selection based on a Ste6*C-HA-Ura3 substrate identifies new CytoQC alleles in S. cerevisiae". This is a revised version from that previously submitted.

Chan et al. - File S1 Spontaneous Mutants Sequencing Results contains the whole genome sequencing results for the newly identified candidate genes. This is the same version as that previously submitted.


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Genetic Selection Based on a Ste6*C-HA-Ura3 Substrate Identifies New Cytosolic Quality Control Alleles in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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