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Supplemental Material for Cao et al., 2021

posted on 2021-03-16, 16:54 authored by Jingli Cao, Weiwei Xian, Maierdan Palihati, Yu Zhu, Guoxiang Wang, Yunli Xie, Guomin Zhou, Linya You

Figures include Figure 1-5. Figure 1 showed that Brpf1 knockdown led to a mild reduced trend on the differentiation of MGE-derived GABAergic interneurons into PV+ interneurons. Figure 2 showed that Brpf1 knockdown had no significant effect on the dendritic morphology of MGE-derived GABAergic interneurons. Figure 3 showed that Brpf1 deficiency led to attenuated inhibitory neurotransmission of MGE-derived GABAergic interneurons. Figure 4 showed that Brpf1 deficiency had no effect on the neuronal migration of MGE-derived GABAergic interneurons in vivo. Figure 5 showed that Brpf1 deficiency led to decreased Map2k7 expression in MGE-derived GABAergic interneurons revealed by mRNA-Seq. Supplementary materials include Reagent Table and Table S1. Table S1 contains DESeq2 output and the FPKM values of genes. All reagents and software were listed in the Reagent Table.


Article title

Deficiency of intellectual disability-related gene Brpf1 reduced inhibitory neurotransmission in MGE-derived GABAergic interneurons