Supplemental Material for Botwright et al., 2019

FIGURE S1. Summary of annotation statistics for the Haliotis laevigata genome [Figure_S1_Genome_annotation_statistics.pdf]. FILE S1. Gene ontology of the ab-initio predicted genes from the Haliotis laevigata genome [File_S1_Transcript_Annotation.xlsx]. FILE S2. Summary of identified genes encoding putative full-length or partial-length neuropeptide precursors from the Haliotis laevigata database. Homolog neuropeptide precursors are also shown for Theba pisana, Aplysia californica, Lottia gigantea, Charonia tritonis, Biomphalaria glabrata, Crassostrea gigas, Saccostrea glomerata and Octopus bimaculoides. [File_S2_Neuropeptide_summary.xlsx]. FILE S3. Description of Haliotis laevigata neuropeptides identified during maturation [File_S3_Maturation_mass_spectral_analysis.xlsx]. FILE S4. Neuropeptides detected during sexual maturation in Haliotis laevigata. SE – standard error; VGI – visual gonad index; NS-non-significant; P<0.1; * P<0.05; ** P<0.01; *** P<0.001; - not detected; a – detected in males only; eos – end of sequence; sp – signal peptide [File_S4_Maturation_statistics.xlsx].