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Supplemental Material for Boďová et al., 2018

posted on 2018-04-30, 15:57 authored by Katarína Bod’ová, Tadeas Priklopil, David L. Field, Nicholas H. Barton, Melinda Pickup
File S1 contains figures that clarify the following features: (i) effect of population size on the average number/frequency of SI classes, (ii) changes in the minimal completeness deficit in time for a single class, and (iii) diversification diagrams for all studied pathways, including the summary figure for k = 8. File S2 contains the code required for a stochastic simulation of the SLF system with an example. This file also includes the output in the form of figures and tables.


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Evolutionary Pathways for the Generation of New Self-Incompatibility Haplotypes in a Non-self Recognition System

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