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Supplemental Material for Blumstein et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-06-30, 15:26 authored by Danielle M. Blumstein, Matthew A. Campbell, Matthew C. Hale, Ben J. G. Sutherland, Garrett J. McKinney, Wendylee Stott, Wesley A. Larson
File S1 contains detailed descriptions of all supplemental files. File S2 contains sampling information for cisco (C. artedi) families. File S3 contains the Male linkage map for cisco (C. artedi). File S4 contains information for each marker on the female and male cisco (C. artedi) linkage maps. File S5 contains homologous chromosome arms determined by MapComp. File S6 contains the probable metacentric chromosomes from the MapComp analysis for coregonines. File S7 contains homeologous chromosome pairs for currently available haploid linkage maps. File S8 contains all the homeologous chromosome pairs for all available salmonid genomic resources. File S9 contains support for classifications from k – nearest neighbor machine learning algorithm.


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Comparative Genomic Analyses and a Novel Linkage Map for Cisco (Coregonus artedi) provide Insights into Chromosomal Evolution and Rediploidization Across Salmonids

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