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Supplemental Material for Bhandari et al., 2020

posted on 2020-02-21, 17:44 authored by Nirajan Bhandari, Christine Rourke, Thomas Wilmoth, Alekya Bheemreddy, David Schulman, Dina Collins, Harold E. Smith, Andy Golden, Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert
Figure S1 demonstrates that the RNAi knockdown of suppressor candidates do not cause embryonic lethality in a wild-type genetic background. Figure S2 shows the specificity of the C. elegans anti-TOP-2 antibody. Table S1 is a list of the C. elegans strains used in this study. Table S2 shows that RNAi of suppressor candidates in the suppressor background does not reverse suppression.


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Identification of Suppressors of top-2 Embryonic Lethality in Caenorhabditis elegans

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