Supplemental Material for Best and Leptin, 2020

2020-01-24T17:34:42Z (GMT) by Benedikt Best Maria Leptin
Table S1: Raw counts per larva of phenotypes related to dorsal branch
Table S2: Raw counts per terminal cell of phenotypes related to terminal branches
Table S3: Sequences of genotyping primers used to confirm N-terminal insertion of YFP in each Rab locus by PCR

Phenotypes were counted manually in heat-fixed third-instar wandering larvae homozygous for an endogenously YFP-tagged Rab and additionally expressing the transgenic elements in the "Background" column. Usually the mothers used for the cross were also homozygous for the YFP-tagged allele, but for some Rabs this was not possible (indicated in the "Maternal genotype" column).