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Supplemental Material for Bernal Rubio et al., 2018

posted on 18.09.2018, 17:15 authored by Yeni L. Bernal Rubio, Agustin González-Reymúndez, Kuan-Han H. Wu, Corinne E. Griguer, Juan P. Steibel, Gustavo de los Campos, Andrea Doseff, Kathleen A. Gallo, Ana I. Vazquez

Supplementary files include description of omic datasets, quality control process, summary of omic information, results from gene set enrichment analysis, R code used for analysis (also available in https://github.com/anainesvs/BERNAL_RUBIO_etal_G3_2018),

as well as figures and tables related to results obtained from the implementation of multi-layered Bayesian regressions, for prediction of survival of GBM patients.


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Whole-Genome Multi-omic Study of Survival in Patients With Glioblastoma Multiforme

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