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Supplemental Material for Berg et al.,2018

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posted on 2018-04-06, 16:46 authored by Matthew D. Berg, Julie Genereaux, Jim Karagiannis, Christopher J. Brandl
Supplemental Information contains Table S1 with strain information, Table S2 with oligonucleotide sequences, Figure S1 with sequence of synthetic DNA fragments, Figure S2 with S. cereivisae PIKK alignments, Figure S3 with half life of WT Tra1, Figure S4 with Tra1pr-LacZ data, Figure S5 with synthetic growth interactions between tra1Q3 and various SAGA and NuA4 deletions, Figure S6 with mapping of mutated residues on Tra1 structure, Figure S7 with fractionation data, Figure S8 with Spt7 localization data, Figure S9 with western blot of Spt7, Figure S10 with coverage map of Spt20 from mass spectrometry data, Figure S11 with tagged Spt20 spot plate and Figure S12 with half life of various tra1Q3 suppressors. Tra1Q3 Spt20 Mass Spectrometry Data file contains peaks identified from mass spectrometry of Spt20 isolated from TAP-Ada2 pull downs of SAGA.


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The Pseudokinase Domain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Tra1 Is Required for Nuclear Localization and Incorporation into the SAGA and NuA4 Complexes

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