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Supplemental Material for Beemelmanns et al., 2021

posted on 2021-06-14, 22:36 authored by Anne Beemelmanns, Fábio S. Zanuzzo, Rebeccah M. Sandrelli, Matthew L. Rise, A. Kurt Gamperl
Supplemental Tables S1-S4 were uploaded combined in one datasheet whereas Supplemental Figure S1 was uploaded as an individual file. Table S1 contains details about qPCR primers. Table S2 contains the complete results of the multivariate statistical approach. Table S3 contains the complete results of the univariate statistical approach. Table S4 contains the fold-change (FC) ratios of 45 target genes. Figure S1 is a clustered and hierarchical ordered heatmap based on relative expression values (log2 RQ-values) of 45 target genes.


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The Atlantic salmon’s stress- and immune-related transcriptional responses to moderate hypoxia, an incremental temperature increase, and these challenges combined

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