Supplemental Material for Angeles-Abores and Sternberg 2018

2018-07-18T18:02:24Z (GMT) by David Angeles-Albores Paul W. Sternberg
Differentially expressed transcripts in dpy-22(sy622), dpy-22(bx93), dpy-6(e14) dpy-22(bx93)/+ dpy-22(sy622), bar-1(ga80), let-60(n2021) and let-60(n1046gf) young adult C. elegans, calculated from whole-organism expression data. Transcripts are also annotated by what phenotypic classes they belong to, if any, the strain used, the regression coefficient quantifying the magnitude of deviation from wild-type (which can be loosely considered as the natural log of the fold-change) and the associated q-value (FDR corrected Wald test).