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posted on 2020-08-11, 20:38 authored by Michael Alonge, Alaina Shumate, Daniela Puiu, Aleksey Zimin, Steven L. Salzberg
The Triticum_aestivum_4.0 inferred centromere positions are provided in Table S1. Table S2 lists the IWGSC CS v1.0 chrUn annotations that we localized, while Table S3 lists the IWGSC CS v1.0 annotations of which we found extra copies. Table S4 provides a mapping from our custom annotation IDs to IWGSC CS v1.0 annotation IDs.

Figure S1 shows RaGOO confidence scores. Figure S2 shows genome assembly dotplots for T4 mapped to IW. Figure S3 shows CENH3 ChIP-seq coverage along the T4 chromosomes. Figure S4 shows Liftoff gene alignment coverage and sequence identity. Figure S5 shows gene synteny between T4 and IW.


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Chromosome-Scale Assembly of the Bread Wheat Genome Reveals Thousands of Additional Gene Copies

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