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Supplemental Material for Allier et al., 2019

posted on 28.02.2019 by Antoine Allier, Laurence Moreau, Alain Charcosset, Simon Teyssèdre, Christina Lehermeier
File S1 contains the derivation of linkage disequilibrium parameter in DH-1 progeny for four-way crosses and specific case of two-way, three-way and backcrosses (Figure 1 S1, Table 1 S1 and Table 2 S1)
File S2 contains the validation of four-way cross formulas for DH-k and RIL-k (Figure 1 S2, Figure 2 S2, Table 1 S2 and Table 2 S2)
File S3 contains the comparison of IBD parental contribution variance with Frisch and Melchinger (2007) and simplification to IBS contribution (Figure 1 S3)
File S4 contains Maize genotypic data and genetic map used for simulations (.RData file)


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Usefulness Criterion and Post-selection Parental Contributions in Multi-parental Crosses: Application to Polygenic Trait Introgression

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