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Supplemental Material for Alcaraz et al., 2020

posted on 2020-09-23, 15:06 authored by Wendy A. Alcaraz, Zheng Liu, Phoebe Valdes, Edward Chen, Alan G. Valdovino Gonzalez, Shelby Wade, Cinny Wong, Eunnie Kim, Hsiang-Hua M. Chen, Alison Ponn, Dorothy Concepcion, Bruce Hamilton
BALB/c x B6-Zfp423[nur12] Intercross (S1) and Backcross (S2) data in csvr format for R/qtl

Table S1 Fisher's exact test p-values for pairwise comparisons of Zfp423nur12 survival frequency data among B6 backcrosses from 13 strains, with false-discovery rate corrections for 78 comparisons.


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Strain-Dependent Modifier Genes Determine Survival in Zfp423 Mice

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