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Supplemental Material for Ajmani et al., 2021

posted on 2021-01-27, 15:24 authored by Nisha Ajmani, Tamanna Yasmin, Margaret F. Docker, Sara V. Good
Supplementary Data. S1: Mapping statistics of the RNA-seq reads for the 10 samples of Chestnut and Northern Brook lamprey to the sea lamprey somatic genome and annotation files available from Ensembl and UCSC genome browser. S2 and S3: gene counts for the RNA-seq reads based on the somatic (Ensembl and UCSC) and germline (SIMRbase) reference genomes and annotation files. S4: Synthesis of the annotation of genes in the sea lamprey somatic reference genome from Ensembl, UCSC and Trinotate (generated here). S5: Synthesis of the annotation of genes in the sea lamprey germline reference genome from SIMRbase and Trinotate (generated here). S6 Results of the blast-all against all comparison of annotated genes in the somatic and germline genomes. S7. Differentially Expressed Genes (DEG's) between larval parasitic and non-parasitic taxa (S7A), between larvae and female (7B) and between differentiated females and males (7C). S8: Go terms associated with Biological Processes or Component for genes upregulated in larvae, differentiated female and differentiated male gonads.


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Transcriptomic analysis of gonadal development in parasitic and non-parasitic lampreys (Ichthyomyzon spp.), with a comparison of genomic resources in these non-model species