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Supplemental Material for Abu Diab et al., 2018

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posted on 2018-11-05, 18:31 authored by Hagar Mor-Shaked, Eliora Cohen, Yaara Cohen-Hadad, Oren Ram, Silvina Epsztejn-Litman, Rachel Eiges, Manar Abu Diab

File S1 contains Southern blot analysis of unmethylated FX hESC lines, (Figure S1A) and relative expression levels of FMR1 RNA in the hESCs by Taqman qRT-PCR (Figure S1B). File S2 contains Bisulfite DNA sequencing data at the boundaries of the single strand DNA displacements in XY hESC with premutation (55200 repeats; uFM-ES-3) alleles. File S3 contains methylation-sensitive quantitative assay of Skewed X-inactivation test in uFM-ES-2 hESCs. File S4 contains Bisulfite footprinting analysis by deep-sequencing across the C9orf72 repeats in WT hESCs. File 5S Bisulfite footprinting around the TSS in other loci. Table S1 contains all the needed data about the different hESC lines we used. Table S2 contains the sequences of all primers used for DRIP, colony bisulfite footprinting, next-seq bisulfite footprinting and SNP analyzes.


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The G-rich Repeats in FMR1 and C9orf72 Loci are Hotspots for Local Unpairing of DNA

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