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Supplemental Files for Velásquez-Zapata et al., 2022

posted on 2022-04-05, 17:28 authored by Valeria Velásquez-Zapata, J. Mitch Elmore, Gregory Fuerst, Roger P. Wise


S1 Figure. Core and unique DM GO terms associated with DE genes by timepoint.

S2 Figure. Time-course expression patterns of DM DE genes by type of response.

S3 Figure. Y2H validation of interactions for the CC+NB domains of Mla alleles, orthologs and outgroup NLRs.

S1 Data. Predicted barley interactome (HvInt) and experimentally validated Arabidopsis interactome (AtInt).

S2 Data. Node properties of HvInt and enrichment of essential proteins across clusters.

S3 Data. Disease modules and DM DE genes at Bgh penetration and haustorial development.

S4 Data. Resistant and susceptible interactomes.

S5 Data. MLA interactome (MLAInt).

S1 Text. Bait and prey sequences used for Y2H binary validation among Mla alleles, orthologs, and outgroup NLRs.


Article title

An interolog-based barley interactome as an integration framework for NLR immune signaling