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Supplemental Figures for Hauser et al, 2019

posted on 2019-07-09, 16:00 authored by Melinda Hauser, Paul E. Abraham, Lorenzo Barcelona, Jeffrey M. Becker

Figure S1 contains trypan blue exclusion stain of (A) non-irradiated, (B) heat-killed, and (C) laser-irradiated cells. File S1 contains a three-dimensional non-metric multidimensional scaling (3D-NMDS) plot of control (solid symbols) and laser treated (open symbols) samples collected. Table S1 contains transcripts that were differentially expressed at four time points. Volcano plots of significance vs. fold change over time are shown for the differentially expressed genes. Table S2 show the 1-way Analysis of Similarities (ANOSIM) for treatment and time on the resemblance data. Table S3 contains the full annotation of genes from Table 1. Table S4 contains transcripts that were differentially expressed at T15 and T30 at p <0.05 at a minimum 4-fold change.


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UV Laser-Induced, Time-Resolved Transcriptome Responses of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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