Supplemental Material for Xu et al., 2019

Table S1 lists homologs of <i>S. pombe </i>centromeric proteins in human and <i>S. cerevisiae</i>. Figure S1 shows micrographs of <i>exo2 </i>and <i>pan2 </i>mutants. Figure S2 validates Mis17 protein bands detected by an anti-Mis17 antibody. Figure S3 shows Mis17 and Cnp1/spCENP-A protein levels in EKC/KEOPS complex mutants.Figure S4~S6 are sequence alignment of Bud32, Kae1 and Sua5, respectively. Figure S7 describes mRNA measurement of <i>mis17 </i>and <i>mis6 </i>genes in wild type and mutants.