Supplemental Material for Whiting and Fraser, 2020

2019-12-23T15:38:35Z (GMT) by James Whiting Bonnie Fraser

Figure S1-49 - Additional figures for alternative mutation/recombination scaling datasets, PhenoNULL datasets and neutral datasets. Also additional figures and sampling points of main dataset.

Supporting information: Additional information and results regarding modifications to simulations. Modifications include: reducing effect size of QTL loci; and restricting simulations to a total N individuals of 1000 to correct for potential population expansions.

Table S1: False positive (FPR) and false negative rates (FNR) calculated across all measures of divergence and their combined use. Estimates were calculated by combining 5% of data under divergent selection with 95% neutral data and taking upper 5% cut-offs. For single measures, outlier N is always 100 (5% of 2,000) and FNR = FPR.