Supplemental Material for Wang et al., 2019

Figure S1. Upregulation of constitutive escapees in females relative to males.

Figure S2. Pcdhgexpression is not affected by Smchd1ablation in mouse NPCs.

Figure S3. PCDHB and PCDHGexpression in arhinia patients.

Figure S4. PCDHB and PCDHGexpression in FSHD2 patients.

Figure S5. Slight upregulation of the PCDHAgenes in the myotube culture of FSHD2 patient F14.

Figure S6. Smchd1ablation affects the expression and chromatin states of the HoxAandHoxDcluster in mice.

Figure S7. Smchd1ablation affects the expression, chromatin states, and 3D organization of HoxCcluster in mice.