Supplemental Material for Tanaka et al., 2020

Table S1. Annotation data of possible missing genes in IR64 genome. Figure S1. Genome alignment between IRGSP-1.0 genome and IR64 scaffolds. Red and blue dots represent forward and reverse alignments, respectively. Figure S2. Chromosome alignments between R498 and IR64 v.1.0. Figure S3. Chromosome alignments between IRGSP-1.0 and IR64 v.1.0. Figure S4. Chromosome alignments of chromosome 6 from 13 Mbp to 19 Mbp. Figure S5. Chromosomal distribution of genes mapped on IR64 v.1.0 unanchored sequences. Figure S6. Fraction of missing genic regions in IR64 covered by paired-end reads obtained from linked-read sequencing of IR64 genome. Figure S7. Distribution of gene ontologies.