Supplemental Material for Sarikaya Bayram et al., 2019

<p><b>Table S1 </b>Fungal (<i>Aspergillus nidulans</i>and <i>Neurospora crassa</i>) strains used in this study. <b>Table S2 </b>Oligonucleotides used in this study. <b>Table S3 </b>Plasmids used and constructed in this study. <b>File S1 </b>Interaction partners of VE-1<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>veA</i>∆strain of <i>A. nidulans.</i><b>File S2 </b>Interaction partners of VE-2<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>velB</i>∆strain of <i>A. nidulans</i>. <b>File S3 </b>Interaction partners of VOS-1<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>vosA</i>∆strain of <i>A. nidulans</i>. <b>File S4 </b>Interaction partners of LAE-1<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>laeA</i>∆strain of <i>A. nidulans</i>. <b>File S5 </b>Interaction partners of VE-1<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>N. crassa</i>. <b>File S6 </b>Interaction partners of VE-2<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>N. crassa</i>. <b>File S7 </b>Interaction partners of VOS-1<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>N. crassa</i>.<b>File S8 </b>Interaction partners of LAE-1<sup>GFP</sup>fusion in <i>N. crassa</i>. <b>File S9 </b>List of predicted secondary metabolite gene clusters in <i>N. crassa</i>. <b>File S10 </b>List of up- and downregulated genes in <i>ve-1</i>mutant under standard and iron starvation conditions. <b>File S11 </b>List of GO terms for upregulated genes in <i>ve-1</i>mutant in both conditions. <b>File S12 </b>List of GO terms for downregulated genes in <i>ve-1</i>mutant in both conditions. <b>File S13 </b>List of differentially expressed putative secondary metabolite genes in <i>ve-1</i>mutant in both conditions. <b>File S14 </b>Top twenty up and downregulated genes under iron starvation and standard conditions in <i>ve-1</i>mutant. <b>File S15 </b>Supplemental materials and methods.<b></b></p>