Supplemental Material for Redondo-Blanco and Langenhan, 2018

2018-07-31T14:07:46Z (GMT) by Beatriz Redondo-Blanco Tobias Langenhan
<p>Figure S1. (A-C) Plasmid maps and information of vectors generated in this study. (D) Step-by-step protocol for the design of primers to construct a gene-specific HDR vector based on <i>pHD-attP<sup>CC</sup>-FRT-mW-FRT</i>.</p><p> </p><p>Figure S2. (A) Location of primers and main genetic elements on doubly modified chromosome for transgene insertion. (B) Exemplary genotyping result before phiC31-mediated integration of two transgenes into the same genome (2), after integration before (3) and after (4) recombinase-assisted marker removal from both engineered loci.</p>