Supplemental Material for Pérez-Moreno and O'Kane, 2018

2018-12-10T17:28:41Z (GMT) by Juan J Perez Moreno Cahir J. O'Kane
The SuppData_Legends.pdf file contains detailed descriptions of all supplemental files. The SuppFig1.pdf file shows genomic maps of the regions that contain the fragments that control expression in <i>GMR27E09</i>and <i>GMR96G06</i>lines. The SuppTableS1.pdf file contains a summary of the collected data for the different GAL4 drivers screened. Files SuppMovieS1.mp4 to SuppMovieS4.mp4 contain confocal 3D projections of MN cell bodies and adjacent axonal regions in the VNC for <i>GMR27E09</i>(plasma membrane reporter in file SuppMovieS1.mp4; ER reporter in file SuppMovieS2.mp4) and <i>GMR94G06</i>(plasma membrane reporter in file SuppMovieS3.mp4; ER reporter in file SuppMovieS4.mp4).