Supplemental Material for Lin, Liu, and Chen, 2019

2019-03-11T15:37:29Z (GMT) by Ya-Ping Lin Chu-Yin Liu Kai-Yi Chen
<p><b>Figure S1</b> contains the cross-validation error of K value in ADMIXTURE. <b>Figure S2</b> contains LD decay of the whole genome. <b>Figure S3</b> contains 50 kb interval LD decay of each chromosome. <b>Figure S4</b> contains the local LD of each chromosome. <b>Figure S5</b> contains pairwise isolation by distance of 98 accessions. <b>Figure S6</b> contains pairwise isolation by distance of SolCAP meta-analysis. <b>Figure S7</b> contains the cross-validation error of SolCAP meta-analysis. <b>Figure S8</b> contains the genome patterns of 214 samples in SolCAP meta-analysis. <b>Figure S9</b> contains The PCA of SolCAP meta-analysis. <b>Table S1</b> contains the detail information of each accession. <b>Table S2 </b>contains the statistical summaries of expected sites and sequenced sites of <i>Pst</i>I, the sites targeted by SNP and the sequenced genes. <b>Table S3</b> contains the information of 24,330 SNPs. <b>Table S4</b> contains pairwise F<sub>st </sub>of seven subpopulations. <b>Table S5</b> contains the locations and genotypes of 214 samples of SolCAP genotyping array. <b>Table S6</b> contains the removed 627 SNPs with reverse-complement allele designation. <b>Table S7</b> contains the identity of 2,307 SNP markers within accessions. <b>File S1</b> contains the analysis of isolation by distance. <b>File S2</b> contains the meta-analysis of <i>S. pimpinellifolium</i> SolCAP genotyping data.</p>