Supplemental Material for Li, 2019

2019-02-21T16:39:08Z (GMT) by Haijuan Li
<p><a></a><a>Figure S1 describes generation of homozygous Δ<i>pyrE::blm</i> (A) and Δ<i>pyrE::kat</i> (B) mutants in <i>T. thermophiles</i> HB27.</a></p> <p>Figure S2 is a representative image of dividing <i>T. thermophilus</i> HB27 cells in which septa are not formed at mid-cell positions.</p> <p>Figure S3 describes generation of homozygous single gene deletion mutant Δ<i>mreB::kat</i> (B) and double gene deletion mutant Δ<i>mreB::kat</i>/Δ<i>parA::blm</i> (C) in <i>T. thermophiles</i> HB27.</p> <p>Figure S4 describes the allele segregation kinetics of the heterozygous<i> T. thermophiles</i> strain HL01 grown in selection-free liquid medium with and without addition of EDTA. </p>