Supplemental Material for Lee et al., 2019

Suppl. File S1. Information of genetic map with marker names, genotypes, map positions, and tag sequences and phenotypes for sex of all individuals

Suppl. File S2. Re-scaffolding process and results by Chromonomer.

Suppl. File S3. Gene list annotated in the sex-determining region

Suppl. Data

Suppl. Table S1. Summary of RACA scaffold realignment after anchoring.

Suppl. Table S2. Statistics of anchoring the RACA scaffolds to the genetic map using Chromonomer.

Suppl. Table S3. Number of genes annotated in LG-based scaffolds after anchoring process

Suppl. Table S4. LOD scores of two additional sex markers

Suppl. Table S5. Information of sex linked markers

Suppl. Fig. S1. Annotation pipeline of LG-based scaffolds

Suppl. Fig. S2. Relationship between the genetic map and the LG-based genome assembly in Oryzias melastigma.

Suppl. Fig. S3. Comparison of sequences similarity between the LG-based scaffold in Oryzias melastigma and chromosomes in Oryzias latipes