Supplemental Material for Korani et al., 2018

File S1.xlsx: z-scores of differentially expressed genes.<br>File S2.fasta: 2026 novel peanut transcripts.<br>File S3.txt: ICG 1471 co-expression network clusters. <br><br>Figure S1: sequence read integrity and mapping results.<br>Figure S2: SOM clusters of differentially expressed genes between genotypes.<br>Figure S3: KEGG pathway of alpha-linolenic acid metabolism.<br>Figure S4: KEGG pathway of protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum.<br>Figure S5: KEGG pathway of spliceosome.<br>Figure S6: KEGG pathway of carbon fixation.<br>Figure S7: KEGG pathway of carbon metabolism.<br>Figure S8: expression profile of the novel transcripts.<br>Figure S9: GO/KEGG enrichment analysis of differently expressed genes between peanut genotypes due to the infection vs control of the newly assembled transcripts.<br>Figure S10: SOM clusters groups of fungal differentially expressed genes.<br><br>Table S1: statistical models for differential expression analysis.<br><br>