Supplemental Material for Huang et al., 2018

<div>Supplementary tables contain genotype and phenotype of Oryza accessions included in the study, and genomic regions sequenced by target capture. Figure S1 contains phylogeny tree based on SNPs.<br></div><div><br></div>A series of in-house Perl scripts to convert the polymorphisms from variant call format (VCF) to FASTA format; estimate of nucleotide diversity including Nei’s average pairwise nucleotide diversity (π) and Watterson’s estimator of theta (θw)<div><br></div><div>Fasta format files of gene fragments (~1500 base pair) upstream and downstream of the five candidate genes. These fragments were captured following the Agilent (Agilent, Santa Clara, CA) SureSelect Target Enrichment method (Gnirke et al., 2009). A total of 123 loci close to the five candidate genes were targeted and sequenced (Table S2)<br></div>