Supplemental Material for Han et al., 2018

<div><p>Figure S1 contains the analysis of physiological traits of the <i>muw </i>mutant. Figure S2 contains the adenine and thymine contents in the left and right breakpoint regions. Figure S3 contains a brief schematic of the NHEJ mechanism. Table S1 contains primers used in this work.<a></a><a> Table S2</a> contains genes in the 5.16-Mb deleted region and their homologs. Table S3 contains the PAV validation by PCR of the 48 genes deleted in the <i>muw </i>mutant. Table S4 contains the recessive inheritance of the <i>muw</i> mutation in different genetic backgrounds. File S1 contains the 11,435-bp sequence flanking the deletion breakpoint. File S2 contains the two 2-kb sequences for pairwise alignments and the percentage of adenine and thymine assay.</p></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div>