Supplemental Material for Han et al., 2018

<b><p>Figure S1. Identification of altered methylation in CG, CHG and CHH contexts following tissue culture</p><p>Figure S2. Identification of context specific DMRs</p><p>Figure S3. Comparisons of DNA methylation in multiple contexts for CG and CHG only DMRs</p><p>Figure S4 Methylation changes induced by tissue culture are common to many independent samples </p><p>Figure S5 Associations between DMRs and gene expression</p><p>Figure S6. Inheritance of DNA methylation changes following tissue culture </p><p>Figure S7 correspondence of DMRs among individual R1 siblings</p><p>Table S1 Sample metadata and sequencing metrics</p><p>Table S2 Total context-specific DMRs per sample</p><p>Table S3 Non-redundant list of CG and CHG DMRs categorised by direction, consistency and specificity</p><p>Table S4 Gene loci that may lose heterochromatin</p><p>File S1 Supplemental methods: Sequence capture probe maize genome conversion from AGPv2 to AGPv4</p></b><br>