Supplemental Material for Ge and Hunter, 2018

2018-11-30T14:30:36Z (GMT) by Xi Ge Craig Hunter
Figure S1 is schematic for ssODN directed repair<div>Figure S2 shows relative activity of selected guide RNAs </div><div>Figure S3 shows genotype analysis of F0 mice using ssODN</div><div>Figure S4 sequence analysis of recovered insertion alleles</div><div>Figure S5 original images used to construct Figures 1,2, & 3</div><div>Table S1 comparison between different HR donors</div><div>Table S2 selected guide RNA sequences </div><div>Table S3 sequence of single-stranded ODN repair templates</div><div>Table S4 synthetic DNA sequences used in this study</div><div>Table S5 primer sequences used in this study</div>