Supplemental Material for Forche et al., 2018

Figure S1 provides detailed overview of experiment. Supplemental figure 2 shows <i>GAL1</i> LOH frequencies <br>Supplemental figure 3 shows examples of single and double aneuploidies<br>Supplemental figure 4 shows frequency of whole Chr LOH<br>Supplemental figure 5 shows a map with LOH breaks along Chr1<br>Supplemental figure 6 shows frequency of recurrent missegregation events <br><div>Table S1 contains strains, primers and plasmids for construction of strain YJB9318<br>Table S2 contains overview of ploidy and colony phenotypes<br>Table S3 provides summary of all detected events<br>Table S4 shows position and frequency of break regions<br>Table S5 shows frequency of recurrent missegregation events<br>Table S6 shows summary of multiple event frequency by mouse</div><div>File S1 is the custom R script<br></div>