Supplemental Material for Everman et al., 2019

SuppFigsTablesTextFiles.pdf (1MB)<br>Contains supplementary figures S1-S19, supplementary tables S1-S8 and S10, and supplementary text S1. It also contains the legends for supplementary tables S9 and S11, and supplementary files S1 and S2.<br><br>Table_S9.xlsx (106KB)<br>Supplementary table S9.<br><br>Table_S11.xlsx (56KB)<br>Supplementary table S11.<br><br>File_S1.txt (44KB)<br>Analysis code.<br><br>File_S2.pdf (73KB)<br>Description of all raw data files contained within the "EvermanData.tar.gz" compressed archive.<br><br>EvermanData.tar.gz (398MB, resolved to 2.7GB uncompressed directory structure)<br>Contains all raw and analyzed data for the study.<br>