Supplemental Material for Evans et al., 2018

<p><b>File S1</b> contains results of the dose response assays for all toxins. <b>File S2 </b>contains the residual phenotypic values for each RIAIL for each trait. <b>File S3 </b>contains the linkage mapping results for the 384 toxin-response traits tested with the HTA. <b>File S4</b> contains the phenotypic values for each RIAIL for each of the significant principal components. <b>File S5 </b>contains the annotated QTL and confidence intervals identified through linkage mapping for PCs. <b>File S6 </b>contains the results of a two-factor genome scan for all PCs with a significant QTL identified with linkage mapping. <b>File S7</b> contains the broad-sense heritability estimates as well as additive and interactive components of heritability for each PC. <b>File S8 </b>is a VCF file for all NILs and CSSs mentioned in this manuscript. <b>File S9</b> contains each of the 97 significant PCs and the corresponding correlation value with each growth-response trait. <b>File S10</b> contains the residual phenotypic data for all strains, including parents, tested in the NIL and CSS assays. <b>File S11</b> contains the statistical significance for all pairwise combinations of strains tested for each trait. <b>File S12</b> contains the assay categorization for all traits tested with the NIL and CSS strains. The datasets and code for generating figures can be found at <a href="http://github/AndersenLab/QTLhotspot">http://github/AndersenLab/QTLhotspot</a>.</p>