Supplemental Material for Couger, Arévalo, and Campbell, 2018

The Fileset comprises two unrooted cladograms for vomeronasal receptor families 1 and 2 in three mouse (<i>Mus</i>) species, and the sequences used to generate these trees.<div><br></div><div><div>MusspicilegusOrginalHeaders.fa (Orignal Assembly with orginal headers produced by 10x Supernova 1.15)</div><div>MusspicilegusRenamedScaffolds.fa (Same assembly renamed for gene calling and anylsis)</div><div>MusspicilegusTranscriptomeAssembly.fasta (Orginal De Novo Transcriptome Assembly)</div><div>MusspicilegusTranscriptomePeptides.fa (Transdecoder Peptides from De Novo Assembly)</div><div>MusspicilegusFinalProteinModels.fasta = Final EVM PASA2 Improved Integrated Peptide Gene Models (PASA2+Abinitio+ ProteintoGenome Alingemts)</div><div>MuspFinalGeneModels.gff3 = Final EVM PASA2 improved Intgerated models gff ((PASA2+Abinitio+ ProteintoGenome Alingemts))</div></div>