Supplemental Material for Couger, Arévalo, and Campbell, 2018

The Fileset comprises two unrooted cladograms for vomeronasal receptor families 1 and 2 in three mouse (Mus) species, and the sequences used to generate these trees.

MusspicilegusOrginalHeaders.fa (Orignal Assembly with orginal headers produced by 10x Supernova 1.15)
MusspicilegusRenamedScaffolds.fa (Same assembly renamed for gene calling and anylsis)
MusspicilegusTranscriptomeAssembly.fasta (Orginal De Novo Transcriptome Assembly)
MusspicilegusTranscriptomePeptides.fa (Transdecoder Peptides from De Novo Assembly)
MusspicilegusFinalProteinModels.fasta = Final EVM PASA2 Improved Integrated Peptide Gene Models (PASA2+Abinitio+ ProteintoGenome Alingemts)
MuspFinalGeneModels.gff3 = Final EVM PASA2 improved Intgerated models gff ((PASA2+Abinitio+ ProteintoGenome Alingemts))