Supplemental Material for Clergeot et al., 2018

File S1, Derivations of the analytical model for the effect of ploidy and the average level of dominance. (.pdf)<br><br>File S2, Supplementary Figures S1-S3 (Nuclear and mitochondrial pairwise genetic distance matrices, genetic correlation between mycelium growth rate and wood weight loss data for homokaryons and heterokaryons respectively, .pdf)<br><br>File S3, Details regarding bioinformatics analyses. (.pdf)<br><br>File S4, Supplementary tables (.xlsx) with list of the isolates (Table S1), geographic distance matrix (Table S2), nuclear and mitochondrial genetic distance matrices (Tables S3-S4), AICc tables and best model estimates for MGR (Table S5-S6), AICc tables and best model estimates for WWL (Tables S7-S8) <br><br>File S5, ZIP archive with MGR and WWL phenotypic data and scripts needed to reproduce the results presented in this manuscript. <br>The archive includes different directories and files:<br>-Bioinformatics > Perl script to filter reads based on depth<br>-Figures > Script and datasets to build Figures<br>-GeneticDistance > Dataset with nuclear and mitochondrial genetic distance<br>-GrowthRate20180716 > Dataset and script for mycelium growth rate analyses<br>-MMmodel.Rmd > Script used to estimate cnucl and cmit for mycelium growth rate and wood weight loss analyses<br>-WoodDegradation20180717 > Dataset and script for wood weight loss analyses<br>