Supplemental Material for Cho, and Kwak, 2019

2019-04-24T17:30:59Z (GMT) by Gyeongjun Cho Youn-Sig Kwak
<div>Figure S1 contains dot plot of whole genome alignments. Axis is length of whole genome. Black and red indicate forward and reverse alignments in upper right side. Green, blue and magenta gradient indicates alignment from high to low score in lower left side.</div><div><div>Table S1 contains comparison of <i>Streptomyces globisporus </i>TFH56 to <i>Streptomyces</i> <i>globisporus</i> S4-7 conprimycin synthetic gene clusters.</div><div>Table S2 contains comparison of <i>Streptomyces globisporus </i>TFH56 to <i>Streptomyces globisporus</i> C-1027 lidamycin syntetic gene clusters</div></div>