Supplemental Material for Bakhtiarizadeh and Salami, 2019

<div>File I1 contains Figures I1, I2 and I3 related to hierarchical clustering analysis of all samples, novel lncRNAs characteristics and gene expression of genes in different samples, respectively. <br></div><div>File S1 contains primer sets used for Q-RT-PCR. <br></div><div>File S2 contains different characteristics of the identified novel linRNAs and ilncRNAs. <br></div><div>File S3 contains results of blast novel lncRNAs against different species. <br></div><div>File S4 contains results of syntenic analysis of novel lincRNAs against different species. <br></div><div>File S5 contains results of co-expression analysis between novel lncRNAs and protein coding genes. <br></div><div>File S6 contains detailed information related to the identified modules in integrated network.</div><div> File S7 contains list of GO terms and KEGG pathways for different modules in integrated network. <br></div><div>File S8 contains results of QTL analysis. </div>