Supplemental Material for Allier et al., 2019

File S1 contains the derivation of linkage disequilibrium parameter in DH-1 progeny for four-way crosses and specific case of two-way, three-way and backcrosses (Figure 1 S1, Table 1 S1 and Table 2 S1)<br>File S2 contains the validation of four-way cross formulas for DH-k and RIL-k (Figure 1 S2, Figure 2 S2, Table 1 S2 and Table 2 S2)<br>File S3 contains the comparison of IBD parental contribution variance with Frisch and Melchinger (2007) and simplification to IBS contribution (Figure 1 S3)<br>File S4 contains Maize genotypic data and genetic map used for simulations (.RData file)<br>