Supplemental Material for Al-Hashimi et al., 2018

Supplemental data for Al-Hashimi et al, Genetics, 2018.
Manuscript #GENETICS/2018/301078

5 Figures, 2 Tables, 2 Video files.
Fig. S1. Phenotype of exc-2 alleles.
Fig. S2. Cloudmapping data output of exc-2 whole-genome sequencing.
Fig. S3. RNAi-knockdown of exc-2 isoforms A, B, and D.
Fig. S4. Location of ifa-4 expression.
Fig. S5. Lethality of canal-specific ifb-1 knockdown.
Table S1. Primer sequences used for RNAi experiments.
Table S2. Sequence mutations in exc-2 and ifa-4 alleles.
File S1. Video of GFP-labelled EXC-2 in ifa-4 mutant.
File S2. Video of GFP-labelled EXC-2 in ifb-1 RNAi knockdown animal.